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Follow this link to the Huem(x)n Academy Website:


One way to address the issue of teaching innovation and creative behavior development is to explore creativity from the quantum dimension and through the lens of human evolution. 

Here is a new way of learning the power of consciously constructed art.

Interpret "art" as you like it.

We are the sprout of a deeply rooted seed. Cultivate a series of conscious co-creative communities by adapting to evolutionary ideologies. To be sapient is to have the appearance of wisdom. Truth comes from higher dimensional sources. Tap into the field of morphic resonance, the realm where "new wave" is irrelevant, where the literal waves of light and sound frequencies morph together to elevate our frequencies and the channels of consciousness our species can access.

Dearest Homo Sapient, it's Homo Luminous or bust!

The Huem(x)n Academy website is in its initial launch phase, so clicking the button below will open the page for you to explore. You can find the link to the experimental course, How to be a Huemxn, by scrolling down.


How To Be A Huem(x)n

Homo-Luminous or Bust!

A foundational course on awakening your inner light-body to transform your life through creativity and consciousness.

Thanks for submitting!

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