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Books by -K.Sweet on Creativity, Consciousness and Art.

Open JAR

BACKGROUND: Open JAR was compiled in 2013 during graduate school, inspired by the course 'Art as a Mirror of Evolving Consciousness' facilitated by Leslie Combs, PhD. The concept behind the book is a compilation of various works of mine during a period of personal transformation catalyzed by a tragic romance story that aims to define the purpose of a relationship torn apart by sexual assault.

This book combines sketches, poetry, academic excerpts, original artwork and lots of hand stamped letters. Each page was crafted as a collage and pieced together into a singular dedication. It functions as just that: a mirror to evolution of how my consciousness unfolds. I open the jar to my psyche and like an open book, open my heart to love. 

Originally, a Kickstarter fundraiser raised the initial moolah to get the first version of published hard copy prints to the amazing supporters... and unfortunately, someone borrowing my computer reset it to factory standards- I lost most of the digital work days before releasing a self-published version through Amazon. I've been slowly recovering files and resources to have this printed and am wishing this dream will come true sooner than later. 

For now, my books are available for FREE online viewing. If you are feeling generous and would like to leave some change in my "TIP JAR", you are thanked to the stars!  -K.Sweet

Grand Apology

BACKGROUND: Grand Apology was created in 2019 in collaboration with friend and photographer, Athena Llamas as an installation piece for a group show, The Piano Project, a fundraiser for Carpenter's Music kid's program. 12 artists were given pianos to paint for auction. The auction never happened, and I was told two different stories about the fate of my actual piano. I painted it gold, added sacred inscriptions, did a classy and sexy photoshoot on top of the thing, then turned it into a book of memes with my scandalous apologies which was digitally displayed along with the piano for the gallery reception.

Life As A Drawing Model

BACKGROUND: Life Drawing Model is an ongoing development with new additions and edits until I am satisfied enough to have it printed. For the last 13 years, I have been a nude model for artists and have found myself at the center of more life drawing classes than I can count. I have posed for UNR and TMCC, Nevada Museum of Art, and Artemisia Studios.


This book is a collection of my favorite sketches that I have photographed from the many amazing artists who have rendered me in one medium or another. It's fascinating to see the many interpretations of myself over the years. I love the honest and modest exchanges that happen between myself as model and the other artists. I also facilitate Nude Model Workshops and love teaching people how to be nude for the sake of art and self-empowerment. There is a digital version of this workshop in my project queue. Contact me if you have Q's.

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