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Intuitive Readings

Kelsey has been reading tarot and drawing auras for more than 10 years as a psychic, therapist and transformation coach. She is available for private sessions and events. $150 for one-hour readings. Discounted rates apply if you need it. Event rate starts at $300 + tips. 

Sessions may be in person, via video chat or pre-recorded. Please click the link below to inquire and book your session today. Subject to availability. 

Aura Art and Interpretation


Dearest Hue-m(x)n, 

Aura Art, Aura portraits, "Aura-traits,' or these biofield drawings, are chalk pastel interpretations of the electromagnetic energy you are putting out. You sit there while I look at you funny and pair color to what I feel around you. The result usually comes out looking like a rainbow thumbprint and is interpreted using past, present and future influences. I have picked up on diseases, pregnancies, blockages, trauma, and can usually tell when you are preparing to move. Sometimes I pick up on guides or persons your energy is intertwined with. I also can provide tarot card readings as a supplement or just on their own. 


This is a process I have developed myself about 10 years ago while researching neurological implications of aesthetics and consciousness, and I have drawn well over 1,000 Aura-traits by now for events, parties and private sessions. Aura Art is rooted in neurology, aesthetics, consciousness, Kundalini, behaviorism and color psychology, and is an integration of my skills and training as a therapist and artist. Along with being called clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and a trance medium, I am a multi-genre expressive artist, creative catalyst, counselor, transformation coach, and educator with a Master's Degree in Transformative Leadership. My work centers on the cultivation of conscious creative behavior development. 


These readings can get real thorough and will sometimes bring up sensitivities. Remember, there is no judgement at my table and discrimination will not be tolerated. Sessions are confidential, and alternative resources are available upon request. I offer continued support and can help you shift your energies and release blockages through integral practice and original techniques. Note that I am certified in Safe Talk suicide prevention, experienced with Dialectic Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Training, behavioral case management, and was certified as an empirical research scientist for 6 years. My network of alternative health practitioners conform to similar ideologies and uphold ethical standards. 


I am passionate about assisting seasoned/aspiring artists and musicians, business owners, persons who have personality disorders, at risk youth, persons with PTSD, and other influential professionals ready to make changes. Even if you consider yourself average, I am here to help guide you along your life's journey.


Feel free to record your session and bring something to take notes with. You get to keep the art which is generally on some nice paper or card stock, rendered in chalk pastel (sometimes in watercolor), and available in a variety of sizes (usually standard or half sheets). 


Questions? Please ask. Sessions usually last 1-2 hours and start at $150. Contact me via social media messenger or email at to book your spot. It is best if we have face to face interaction, however remote sessions may be conducted via video messenger, Skype or other platform that works best for us. I am also available for events and private parties with an average of $300 for 3-4 hours plus tips. My rates are subject to change based on availability and travel requirements. 


Your Light-working Adventure Guide, 


-K. Sweet


"Kelsey Sweet, is truly amazing. I encourage all to take part and enjoy their own reading. My mom and I had a great reading at West Street Market over the weekend and I always look forward to the next one." -Alex Ferguson

"When you meet amazing people... life just gets jazzy. Keep coloring the world better, Kelsey Sweet!" -Tessa Rodriguez

"It was lovely to see you yesterday. I enjoyed my Aura Art session and I'll definitely follow through with your suggestions and insights and move forward from here. It was also my first reading which was awesome.Thanks, see you again in the Spring." -Melanie Crane 

"This beautiful wonderful soul is really special and does amazing readings as well as aura art. If you’ve been over you know I have her art framed in our house. It’s so cool because she was able to do a photo of the 3 of us and give me amazing insight and information at the same time. Then I got a gift of her art at the end! I loved it 
If you want a unique experience I totally recommend Kelsey Sweet."

-Trishica Robertson

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