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About Me

My art is Identity.

"Working on yourself like clay should be one of your greatest and most pleasurable tasks. It makes you in essence an artist --- an artist creating yourself."   - Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power

Creative Catalyst

Kelsey L. Sweet, MA

An entrepreneur and transformative leader, as well as artist, counselor, coach and intuitive medium... K. Sweet is currently a PhD dropout from CIIS in San Francisco, CA. Her research centers around neurological implications of aesthetics and consciousness.

Kelsey's integral practice focuses on the cultivation of conscious co-creative behavior development in individuals, businesses and communities, supporting the transformation process with those on their path toward health and personal development through creative, conscious coaching and counseling. 

Inspiration is sourced from personal recovery, the arts and creativity, aesthetics, consciousness, neurology, psychology, sociology, spirituality and ceremony, metaphysics, energetic matrix principles, systems, psycho-kinetics and revolution.

Kelsey grew up in Northern Nevada with her mom and pets, where she began studying AP psychology as a junior in high school in Carson City.  In 2011, She received a BA in Psychology with a minor in painting from the University of Nevada Reno, and graduated with her MA in Transformative Leadership from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in 2013.


She studied art professionally in Australia, Los Angeles and San Fransisco; however, Kelsey has been a practicing artist all her life and won her first coloring contest at the age of 4. She enjoys collage, performance, literature and poetry, painting, murals and sculpting : signed -K.Sweet. Her work has been exhibited and sold around the world, with commissions currently open.

As a freelance artist, she has enjoyed a professional life in the arts as an installer, performer, curator, educator, counselor and consultant. Grassroots community arts organizations are the foundation for her current work in 'Cultivating Conscious Co-Creative Culture' by fostering numerous arts & music venues and creative opportunities for all. 

Kelsey is the recipient of academic and professional awards, and the gracious advocate of Sexual Assault Awareness Month awarded to her by Proclamation in Washoe County, Nevada, USA in 2013 for her art, performance and community leadership. She is also a fundraiser and advocate for suicide prevention with SafeTalk certification and available for coaching and counseling.

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