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uniKorn @ Punk Rock Flea Market


A long time ago in a meditation far away, there was discovered the Kosmic Hero. Amidst the coastal fog of Pacifica, Kelsey journeyed beyond space-time to a golden grained field within a vast realm surrounded by ginormous mountains; topped with sparkling white tipped peaks, the apparitions stood like vigorous stone glaciers against a feathery sky.

Her feet first hit the soft ground, running at full speed. Wind brisk whipped against her flash-hot cheeks. The breath was steady, quick. Deep. In, out. In. Out as the air fueled the speed of her legs. Faster and faster, the sprint became a gallop as the warm body of a dark horse gave her the mane and strong neck to lean into. 

Push, the wind. Together they sprinted toward a distant horizon. The air lifted the fur until feathers as the molecules of matter dissolved into ethereal cosmos around them. Spangled stars dusted over swirls of super novas; dancing celestial bodies spun wildly about the fireballs exciting cosmic rays. 

Endowed Eternally,




uniKorn Sightings

How to Donate and Why

-K.Sweet's Cosmic Hero uniKorn was created in 2013 and was designed by world renowned sculptor, Mischell Phoenix Riley, as a prop for K.Sweet's MA capstone project entitled "Open JAR" containing the artistic expression of the individual and social repercussions of sexual violence.

The performance piece was awarded a proclamation from Washoe County, Nevada, USA that April is now recognized as #SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth.


With great honor, the uniKorn lives on as a vessel for #cultivatingconsciousness surrounding a horrific violation to basic human safety and human rights across the globe. Many people from various backgrounds have made sacrifices to recover the sacred values surrounding procreation and human evolution. Throughout history, human sexuality has been the source of great controversy. It's produced astounding leaps in collective consciousness yet continues to rip apart communities, disconnecting us from a conscious co-creative reality.

By gifting your coinage to the uniKorn, you are helping to fund the maintenance and repair as well as travel costs to fuel our journeys to cultivate conscious co-creative communities. Its skeleton is welded steel rods; the meat is mostly spray insulation foam and foam/paper scraps; the skin is paper mache. It receives regular paint jobs like baths and eats gift cards to places like good eateries and art supply stores like Michael's or Dick Blick. Pastimes include giving children (at heart) rides in beautiful places, watching the sunset and waving to the people who smile going by.

Thank you for years of love and immense amounts of joy. The best part is watching the world light up at the sight of a uniKorn rolling along and meeting amazing people from all over. The wishes are to have all the photographs collected in one place, and for sexual violence to be an energy that dissipates from the human species for the rest of eternity. Someday...

Love and Light.


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You tell me...

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