Creativity Catalyst


I am a Mother, a PhD dropout, a Mover and Shaker. INFP. Manifestor. Hopeless  Romantic.

Pedantic. Poetic.

A Luminous Dreamer.

Miracle Believer. 

An Ambitious Researcher of Consciousness.

Creative Healer.









Hey fellow Earth resident or Huem(x)n!


Sooo... okay. I do many things, a Jill of all trades. Entrepreneurial mindset, ya know? You can find all my credentials on the ABOUT page. I've been making art my whole life, got degrees in psychology and transformative studies. The connective tissues holding it all together are neurological implications of aesthetics and consciousness, and more art. 


Neurological implications of aesthetics and consciousness... I know, right? 


At times, things can get a little complex so... there are many outlets in which you will see that complexity unfold. Like in my BLOG, for example. You can also see it in my ART and in my RESEARCH and, well, maybe you are starting to sense you're in for something unique here. I enjoy creating experiences for people.  

I'm into weird things like channeling, quantum physics, evolution, creativity, archetypes... what can I say? Genuine eccentric. 

Expression has many outlets; evolution has one direction. Level up. 

... I Teach Art! Private students and group contracts. Classes. Workshops. Retreats. Therapeutic applications. 

... do Psychic work! Intuitive healing. Aura/biofield renderings with interpretation. Tarot/Oracle readings. Energetic cleansing. 

... do Marketing! Event production, promotions, graphic design, editing, PR stunts.

... do Consulting! Grassroots organizations, conscious creative behavior development, strategic integrating, leadership. 

... do Freelancing! Art. Small jobs, like home care or whatever. 


Connect for coaching in creativity, intuitive readings (tarot & aura art), unconventional counseling, consultation for business and entrepreneurs, commissioning artwork, events & public engagement.


...Thank you!