theater and performance art

No Exit

2011 Directed by Lawrence Yarborough 

Wildflower Village Black Box Theater

Role: Estelle Rigault

TSA Room

2013 NadaDada 

with Adrienne Looney 

A Political Parody Interactive

Mattress of the Heart

2013 Written by Marvin Gonzales

Directed by Pan Pantoja

Role: Rebecca 

Potentialist Ballet

2013 Co-Produced by Pan Pantoja and Kelsey Sweet

Potentialist Workshop 

A Black Light Puppet Show

Open JAR: A Potentialist Romance... Almost.

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Ali: The Play

2014 Written by Pan Pantoja

For Deb Girard in Memory of Alison Girard

Potentialist Workshop

Role: Ali


2015 A Play by R.Bob Bennett

Directed by Pan Pantoja

Role: Circus Leader