Consolidating for the Biofield Readings

In 2018, I made a bold decision to refocus all my energy back into my art and community projects. A numerologist and good friend informed me that last year was a "7" year for me, meaning my energy went inward to isolation and nothing could have been more true. I went back to the roots, back to my original incubator: my room at my mom's house. Only this time, my playtime is real time. It's funny the games I used to play as an alone only child were house, school, art, shaman healer, and architect and community developer. I basically still do all those things, or aspire to on a much grander scale.

This is my "8" year when I finally crack the cocoon. Hello! It's nice to see you again, online followers and friends! It has been 8 years since my first blog project that outlined my weekly experiences in Dialectic Behavior Therapy at the beginning of my bout with trauma recovery. It spiraled into my first book and performance art piece, which landed me a proclamation from Washoe County. Next month will be it's 5 year anniversary. Today also marks my 5 year business anniversary of registering as a sole proprietor of a project I call parlorMINT where I do freelance art and intuitive readings. It has taken me this long to myself organized enough to build 2 new websites, including my art and modeling portfolios. Foundation has been poured, the frame is up, and I couldn't be more excited to start filling in new content.

Welcome to my yellow brick art road. Here, I will experiment and share the latest in my projects and research. Everything will be consolidated to this forum so you can find me and access the clues to help you along your own life's journey. Many artistic liberties will be taken, inspiration and tool kits will be shared, words will be smeared into abstraction. Again, I couldn't be more excited. Brick by brick and step by step. Let's hold hands and skip as we whistle and sing songs in search of a more colorful life worth meaning.

Here's to big wishes and dreams coming true! Here's to the hustle and the self-care that we do.

Your Light-working Shadow Pal,


Photo by Athena Llamas at Black Rock Desert


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