Caught Knowing

(An old poem, 2015ish)

When the game gets old and is long since boring, a new glance becomes of some future glory. It’s time to gather round for yet another story.

The past precipitates on my lungs as whispers pour through our ears. This isn’t that hard, we’ve been here for years. But do listen…

A soft dream is where we meet, time and time again. Still, even there, we have yet to speak.

It’s forbidden, you know, to lock eyes and exchange nuances. Though inside, clarity is something new for us.

Dusty windows and doors nailed shut. After ringing in chimes, you thought I’d never give up.

Times do come for second chances, never knowing that romance happens. Often enough to cast out lonely. Often enough, you won’t know me.

But recognize me when sun shines, surely. Hold me near, universe exploring. Gone are the days of darkness storming. Assure, plea for a gnome caught loitering. 

A little, please. More understanding. Discerning right from down, under a Virgo moon, wondering. 

Ping. Ping. Ping. 

Recognize the numbness of your reflection. Inside glass made from oblivious concoction. I went deep for complete resurrection. 

And there you were. Standing on the surface and glowing. Waving, smiling, and talking.

You approached me. Said hello, and I choked gracefully.

Turning away, awkwardly. I watched as you disappeared into something.

Here, I wait in nothing. However knowing myself, lovingly. 

© 2020 by FreeKParlor

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