Aura Art, or the "Aura-trait"

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I am stoked to share with you all the next phase of my projects which includes all the excitement that comes from building two new websites, launching digital versions of my first three books, starting a fresh blog and consolidating the last decade of projects, ideas and dreams! I've got some new workshops, a new online course in the works, more art and vlog casting what-nots up my sleeve. There is much to discuss and much to be seen, but the first topic I want to share with you is that of my Aura Art Project.

Years ago I noticed a wooden box that had been sitting on my mother's bookshelf for years. She had acquired it after the passing of a family friend and I don't think ever bothered to open it. I got curious one day, as I often do, and decided to inspect this heavy box. I opened a very colorful collection of almost new Rembrandt chalk pastels. If you know nothing about these, know these are very smooth quality and blend like magic and are about $5 a stick. I have 3 trays of warms, cools, and neutrals. This is my treasure box.

At the time, I had been exploring the impact of color vibration on the human experience as a roundabout way of measuring my coping skills through trauma recovery. Meaning, it is hard for me to discern what is my emotional energy and what is that of someone else. I'm sensitive and take things personally, so I have had to develop tools to help me understand myself and others. Through my academic studies and research, I learned that certain things felt to me like certain colors and began to explore this personal phenomenon with this box of pastels I decided were mine to inherent.

My great grandma on my mother's side was a tarot card reader, and I always found this fascinating as she was the first apparition to appear to me at four years old. I've always been drawn to the art and the practice, and ironically have yet to discover where her tarot decks have been hidden despite having been given art and cooking supplies that had also been hers. A friend had given me my first tarot deck a couple years before, so I had already been practicing intuitive readings when I stumbled on these pastels. The first time I experimented with drawing out what is casually referred to as the "aura" was during the first event I had been hired to do readings for.

It's been a fun process for me, and you can learn more about it on this website under About and Aura Art. There are details there about how to book a session along with the professional spew. Ask me questions about the process or give me feedback on your experience with me.

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